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Open Gardens

This is the inaugural year of Open Gardens, an initiative promoted by the Verona Comune during which a selection of both private and public gardens courtyards and green spaces will be open to visitors.  This first edition will be exclusively dedicated to the Veronetta area of the city, which is little visited by tourists and rich in gardens and green itineraries; it is a part of the city of great historical interest that deserves to be rediscovered and shown off to its full potential. 

The inspiration for Open Gardens came from similar initiatives that have now been running for several years in international cities such as London and Amsterdam, as well as in Italian cities such as Ferrara with Interno Verde, Di Verde in Verde in Bologna and Anime Verdi in Padua. Open Gardens is scheduled to take place every year towards the end of May. Tickets for access to the gardens may be bought from the IAT Verona tourist office in Via degli Alpini 9, on the corner of Piazza Bra. For more information :info@giardiniapertiverona.org

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